Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carlee's 4th Birthday 2009

It's so hard to believe that my little Carlee is growing up!  This is how her day went.

Eric is making it a tradition to make his kids special pancakes for their birthday breakfast!!

Cute huh!!!

Carlee was so happy...

...and ate them all!!

Since Carlee is into horses lately, we went for a horsey theme.

It's made with chocolate cake, cookies and cream filling, covered in buttercream.  The barn and hay bales are chocolate crispy cereal covered with chocolate clay.  The horse and fence are chocolate clay.  I didn't use fondant at all.



Can I eat it now?!!!!

She was impatient waiting for grandpa Jensen and her daddy to come in, so she started sneaking pieces of the fence off and eating them.

See...I ate them!!  Little stinker!!

Present time!!  She received a dress up doll from Kaitlyn.

A stuffed horse from Grandma J.

A movie from Grandma C.

That came with the movie!  B.O.B

And then she got a stick horse from her mommy, daddy and Collin!

So that's it for the family birthdays this year!! 

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