Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swan Lake

My son Mark, invited us to come with him to see the ballet, Swan Lake.  Of course we couldn't pass this up!  Kami and I thought that the kids need to be exposed to some different cultures and experiences.

Pictured above is Beth Moore who played Princess Odette

This is Princess Odette as a swan

The dancers at the royal ball

Picture above are the swans on the lake.

Collin's ballet response.  He said that he kind of like it!!

Collin play acting. Good thing he brought his Pokemon!!

Carlee pretending to be a dancer.  She absolutely love the dancing.  She was trying to do some of the ballet moves while sitting on my lap!  I kept getting head banged by all her bouncing around.

Carlee trying out some ballet moves of her own.

After the ballet, Kami wanted to go to Wally World.  I saw a little pink dance outfit that I just could resist buying for Carlee!!  Here she is dancing on my bed!!

Carlee with ballet clothes of her own.

Carlee beginning her debut in front of a mirror.

More personal dance moves invented.

Wow!  I'm a dancer.

 Yea,  this is so much fun! 

Dancing can be so exhausting!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alec's Birthday 2010

My oldest grandson, Alec, had his 7th birthday on the 12th.  I went over to visit Alec, JoMax and Liz.  I made a Bakugan logo cake for him.  I'm glad he really liked it.  For presents, he received Bakugan toys, dragons, a coloring set, a basketball, a kite and balloons.  I think he had more fun playing with the balloons!!  We had a great time, but I wish I would have had my camera with more to take pics of him!! 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Awwww....Mother's Day!!!

I picked up some mugs for the kids to make their mommy (Kami).

They really loved coloring them!  Collin, of course, picked out the best rub-ons first! 

Here's another pic of their creations!

Sunday afternoon was spent making mexican food and watching the movie that Kami bought me.  Loved it!!

Kami also bought me this book!! 

I also called my mom, and got a call from Mark! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Peach Trifle...for Joe's B-Day

My hubby Joe, just loves trifles.  We usually make this with strawberries, because it tasted the best, but we made it Carlee friendly.  She didn't even eat some anyway, so next time it's back to strawberry!! 

I used mostly sugar free products in this trifle.  I don't really recommend it though!  Everything was too soft and runny.  It's best to use real stuff for best results.

In a trifle bowl, layer cake of your choice.  Here I used a cake mix with one can of diet soda, so that it would be egg-less and less calories for Joe and I.  the best cake to use for this is a pound cake or angle food cake.  Cut it into cubes and layer some on the bottom of the bowl.

Next you can add jam if you would like, but I didn't.  Then you layer some almost set up jello.  I used peach jello.  Use any flavor you wish!

Add your fruit on top of the jello.  Any fruit will do, but strawberries and bananas are scrumptious!!

On top of the fruit, you will add some pudding.  I just used vanilla here.

Top the pudding off with a layer of whipped cream.  I used the fat free Cool Whip,'s better with real whipping cream!!!  Mmmmm!

You then add one more layer of each ingredient and top with a fruit design or just whipped cream.  I sprinkled the top with a little nutmeg.  We usually put slivered almonds on top, but some people around here don't like nuts!  Sheesh!!  We did add them to our own serving though.  Anyway, I hope you try it!  Enjoy!!

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