Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Week 2008

Valentine's Day this year was so much fun!! We started the week out making sugar cookies to send to my son, Ryan. He was born on the 14th and has always been my sweetheart! For his birthday, Christmas, whatever...he always asks for my sugar cookies. Collin and I made some for him earlier in the week:

Collin's contribution:

Carlee just kept eating them!!!

Then it was Tina's turn to do preschool. I helped with the kids a little, but she had everything under control! She taught them about the letter "V". We read stories that contained the letter V. Tina made a volcano that really erupted. The kids did some worksheets about the letter V. They made cute little mailboxes to put their Valentine's in and decorated cookies.

These grandchildren are very priviledged. They woke up to balloons, candy, a special breakfast of pink eggs, heart-shaped french toast, strawberries and ham, and pink milk! Kami and Eric then went on to Idaho Falls for Kami's doctor appointment. The kids came to my house for the day and I took them back to their house when Joe left for work. I made them a dinner of heart-shaped hamburgers, fruit salad and carrots with ranch dip. Kami and Eric soon were home and showed us some of the things that they had bought. Kami bought a beatufil, very shiny pair of red shoes. She has been wanting some for a long time now. Carlee of course wanted them right away and hugged and had to try them on. Kami most likely will have to hide these shoes from both of the kids!!!


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The Jensen's! said...

I love the heart slide you put on here. Very cute!

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