Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Day with Carlee and Tina

Monday...September 8th...Tina and I traveled to Idaho Falls with Carlee for her speech therapy and an eye appointment.

We first meet at the Child Development Center to meet Gunda. Gunda took us outside so that she can work with Carlee on the playground. She let Carlee play for a few minutes and then wanted to get to work. Carlee was more interested in playing on the playground equipment!

After the session with Gunda, we went to Tauphus Park to check out the new playground there and have some lunch.

Carlee loved the playground! I think she really liked having the freedom to just run and climb things and explore.

The matting on the play equipment area was so pliable and soft!

Carlee was fascinated by this board that had the ABC's in Braille! She played with it for a long time.

Carlee loved this! Watch the video at the end of this blog!

Carlee had fun with this little boy. He was scared to go in there until Carlee showed him how.

Then it was off to the eye doctor. We were all worried about her even going, but the people at the Child Development Center insisted that Carlee have her eyes check. We all know it would work. Carlee is deathly afraid of doctors and it wouldn't be any different for the eye doctor. She will scream, cry, kick and try to get away! Kami called the eye doctor that we usually see and asked if the take children. They said they did so Kami made the appointment. As soon as the doctor saw her, her said that he couldn't take care of her! He wasn't equipped to take care of a child that small!!! Holy Cow!!!! Why didn't they say that when the appointment was made! At least he was nice enough to call another eye doctor that does deal with children! She took us right in!!!

This eye doctor office has lots of toys!!!

She gave Carlee a remote that changes pictures that were projected onto the wall.

She gets right down on the floor to play with Carlee and does little games to get Carlee to look at her and the lights that she has. It was a really good visit!! We go to see her again next Monday!

Carlee at the park!!!

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Kami said... sweet baby. That park does look really fun! I won't be able to go next Monday either which sucks cuz I wanna!!! At least she had fun the sweet girl.

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