Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching Up Again!!


Here we are at December and January.  Seems like some crazy, busy times, but it really was that I had a touch of walking pneumonia and couldn't do much at all for the whole month of December.  I didn't get any of my Christmas goodies made, which was very disappointing to me!  Well I won't get that way again!!

In Arco the first weekend in December, is a Festival of Trees.  The Elementary children come in at different times to sing for the people coming to the festival.  Here is Carlee's (she's in the middle) preschool class on stage, singing....kind of!!  They mostly just moved back and forth to the music and once in a while you can see a mouth moving.  The class did a few songs and then did one dance.  Sure was cute!!

Santa was there to greet them as the class walked out the door to go back to the bus.  Carlee is with her teacher, Mrs. Snyder.  This is the first year Carlee wasn't afraid of Santa!!  Yeah!!

Collin is in the first grade.  Here they combined other the first grade classes.  Darn it!!  Can't see Collin at all!!  He's right behind Belle...the girl in the polka dot dress.

The second weekend, Kami had a cookie exchange party. Cute invitation!!

We each brought five dozen cookies to share.  It was a lot of fun!!

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took from my back window this winter.

I never did get any pictures of our Christmas party or Christmas morning!  Sheesh!!  I was also hoping that Kami would upload her pictures for me to borrow, but they are still in her camera.  She's way behind in blogging too!

These are the cupcakes that Collin and I made for the Christmas Eve party!  He's really getting good at making swirls!!

For News Years Eve we had our usual get together at Kami and Eric's house with lots of people, kids and food!!  I tried to make my first cake balls, but I didn't like how they came out looking!  So I took the ones I had left over and fixed them up some.

These are the ones I did later.  I love how they look this way.  I did a blog on how to make them here!

January is always bridal show month.  I only did one this year.

This is me, Courtney and Amy in our booth at the Red Lion in Idaho Falls.

I love how this turned out!!  I didn't put a topper on it, but I'm still going to make one with roses.  I'll take pics of it again then.

I brought the cake the I took to the Eastern Idaho Sugar Art Show last September.

And I made a winter snowflake cake.  It's a redo of the pink daisy, stucco cake that I did last year.  

A dear friend (Dorothy) asked if I would make a small wedding cake for her hubby's cousin. 

It's a carrot cake with buttercream and Dorothy did fresh flowers on top.

On the 30th, I did this cake for some friends.  It's a FBCT, but I had so much trouble doing the princesses!!  I had to do them twice because the first ones looked like a two year old did them!

So here it is.  The princesses have big mouths and I left a letter out!!!  DANG IT!!!

Collin also had his first Pinewood Derby on the 30th also.  Of course no pictures!!  He came in first place and was very proud and I think all of the boys had a good time!!


Life's A Hoot said...

dontcha hate it when you leave a letter out!?!!?!? sounds like ME!!!

all of the cakes look yummy!
and i love that picture of the mountain in the clouds! that is breathtaking!!!!!

{btw-- this is merrianne}

Rhonda said...

Thanks so much Merrianne!! Glad you stopped by!!

faithy, the baker said...

Hi Rhonda! I love all your cakes and admire your talent & creativity! I've been following your blogs and enjoy reading your posts and admiring all your cake creations!

Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog and to comment on my recent post! Thanks! :)

Jacque said...

The children are so cute and sweet at Christmas Festival of Trees!!
The shot you took of the view from your back window is amazing!!!

Blog Buddy said...

Rhonda-I would of never even noticed if you didn't tell me! The cakes look fabulous!!! Really! My friend-Kim does cake competitions down in AZ. I'll have to leave a link to her blog...We went to highschool together in Alaska.

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