Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Been Missing in Action!!

Well its' been 9 months since my last post!  Had lots going on in my life this year, but I won't go into all the details here.  I just need to start keeping up with my blog...so here are the only goodies that I've done since February.

This is a cake that I did for my daughter last March.  I have a tutorial for the inside of the cake on the Sugar Teacher's Blog.  Don't laugh at how much filling is in the middle of this cake!!!!  It was an eggless recipe that didn't work very well...so there!   

I made a mint grasshopper pie for my birthday last March.  Way too green but it was very good!

Did a ton of cookies for a school function last April.

Wedding cake that I did in July.  I got the colors mixed up though, but they were okay with it and loved it anyway.  Wheeeeeew!!!

First time making lilies like this!!

Wedding cake that was done last August.  Hope they liked it because I never heard anything from them.

My Carlee girl's birthday cake!!  I was so ready to do a castle cake!  She changed her mind about a week before her birthday and insisted on a Star Wars cake.  She is so into Star Wars!!!  The Death Star is made out of white chocolate that was sprayed silver.  The cake is really all rice krispy treats and the we had eggless cupcakes with kind of dumb looking light sabers.


There ya go for the goodies.  I'll be back to share some other things that have been going on later!  

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