Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Collin's 5th Birthday

Collin is 5 years old now!!! Whoo Hoo!!! He was a happy little boy for his birthday!! Collin is also so spoiled and he even admits it! He's a funny boy!

Collin ended up having two parties. One for his friends and one for the family. On the 25th, he had his party with his friends. It was only three friends (I think!), but all of the families ended up staying also!! they had a great time running around the house, playing in Collin's room, eating cupcakes, ice cream and cookies (sugar high!) and pulling strings on the pinata.

I just wished others in our family could have made it there with us!! And I wished I had time to go and get Alec for at least the weekend! I just couldn't get away to do it and JoMax and Liz were unable to come.


Collin with the cupcakes I made him. Handsome boy!!!

The cookies that Kami made. Cute!!

Collin bowling with Lindsey.

McKenzie and Boon playing in Collin's room.

Pinata time!!

They were so excited for the candy! More sugar!!!!

Carlee with her hands full of candy and Woo Hooing!!!


Grandma Brewer always brings balloons for the kids presents. Collin had to look at his right away because he knows that there is always a special surprise in the balloon!!

WOW!! look at the mola that was in the balloon!! Thanks Grandma Brewer!!

Collin wanted Wall-E for his birthday so that's what I made!

Wall-E look-a-like!

I can't believe I ate 2 whole cupcakes!!

Present time!!

Great Grandma Jensen' present.

Opening Carlee's present.

Thanking Carlee for the present. Awwww what a sweet boy!!

Okay...take a guess. What do you think it is?!

It's a Sorry game! Collin guessed what it was before he opened it all of the way!!!
How did he do that?!!

Collin...can you guess what this is?

Ummmmm...a Wii?!!! For some reason he just know he was going to get one!!

Joe and I got him a game to go with his Wii and his Grandma Jensen bought him a trampoline!!


Kami said...

Your pics turned out so cute! I can't wait to get mine on there too!

Mandy Lin said...

Oh, he looked so happy in every picture. What fun he must of had!!! And you are right, he is spoiled. Holly Cow!

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