Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July.....and Cake!!!

Wow!! I haven't blogged for a while!! It's been really busy lately! But I'll start with our July 4th fun!!

On the 4th we first went to the local parade in Arco. We like to watch the parade from the Butte Middle School lawn, but wouldn't you know...they had the sprinklers on!!! What the heck!!! They know that people sit there for the parade!!!

Anyway, The kids had a great time in the water and running out in the road to snatch up candy from the parade entrants.

"Can we play in the water! Pleeeeeeease!!!!!"

Chasing candy!

Kaitlyn forgot to bring something to hold her candy in and Collin offered some of his candy to her! What a sweet boy!!

Reaping the rewards!

After the parade, we went to Tauna's house for BBQ hamburgers, salads, cake and ice cream.

Kaitlyn asked if she could have a red, white and blue cake this year. I was surprised since she usually didn't want anything patriotic before! So I tried to make it patriotic but different. I have never tried to do a topsy turvy cake, so I thought that this was my chance. Well....It was harder then I thought it was going to be, but I think it's okay for my first one. So this was a learning cake! I was just glad that friends and family don't care if it's a little off! They all liked it!!

Kaitlyn with her birthday cake.

The makings of homemade rootbeer!! The kids had a blast watching the smoke from the dry

With our belly's full and knowing that we would be up late watching fireworks, we went to Kami's to put the kids down for a nap. While the kids were sleeping, Kami, Joe and I watched "27 Dresses". I love that movie!!!

That evening we went to the elemantary school playground to watch the fireworks from the Number Hill in Arco. The kids had a great time playing and running...and running...and running...

Carlee was a little afraid of the fireworks at Kaitlyn's house. Most of the time I held on to her, but she just wanted to run and hide. After was a loooong day!!


Janiece said...

The cake is Awesome!
I love your slide on Bake Spaces. You are so very talented

Dana Williams said...

Awesome cake! I didn't know that you were related to the Brewers. I guess that makes two of us.

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You are all awesome!!

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