Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eric's Birthday

Poor Eric!!! He didn't get much of a birthday this year!! Carlee, Kami and I had doctor appointments all day and didn't get back home until after 9:00 pm!! I think he spent the day with Collin, his mom Tina, and Grandma Brewer. Not sure what they did though!!!

The day before, I made him an ice cream cake. It's my first. It's a spice cake with vanilla ice cream, Dolce de Leche filling and Cool Whip. So when we got back from town, I hurried and slapped the Cool Whip on it, had Collin call Tina and Larry to come and have some, and we ate our cake and ice cream. That was it!! And since it was so late at night, no one really wanted to be eating cake!! Hopefully next year will be better Eric!!!

How about those left over Wall-E plates!!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

The cake was delicious, and Larry eat every bit of it and LIKED it.

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