Friday, July 31, 2009

Larry's Birthday & Family Get-together

On July 12th we had a big family get together!

My son Ryan came home for a long visit on the 9th and on the 12th we had a party for Larry's birthday, so it was the perfect excuse for all of us to party!!

This is a picture of Larry that I swiped from Kami's blog. He was relaxing at the Atomic Days Parade.

We had all of my kids there, (JoMax, Liz, Alec, Mark, Kami, Eric, Collin, Carlee, Ryan) and a lot of Tina and Larry's family (Tina, Larry, Grandma Brewer, Steven, Tauna, Matt, Kaitlyn, Dee)

Kami and I of course made mexican food for the meal. And of course it was yummy!! Tina made her taco soup, which is really delicious too!!

Larry is not to fond of my buttercream cakes, so we decided to make an ice cream cake. It also turned out to be a learning cake for Kami. She's been wanting to know how to do them.

You can see the flavors and how it was put together on Kami's food blog here!! Check it out!

Before, during and after the meal, Colin and Alec spent almost the whole time playing on the Wii!

My own kids love playing card games.

Here is Liz, Kami, JoMax, Ryan and Mark. Couldn't believe that they were all home at the same time!!!!

Below is a scene of the meal and sugar aftermath!! Whew! We all ate a lot of food!

Later we tried to take a family picture. Ha ha!! Yeah right! Wish we would have gone outside to do it. Joe and I are too slumped down in the couch! Oh well...!

My children!!! Kami, Mark, JoMax and Ryan!

And this is my grandchildren. Collin, Carlee and Alec. The loves of my life!!

JoMax's family. Liz, Alec and JoMax.

Kami's family. Collin, Eric, Carlee and Kami.
Mark and Ryan don't have families yet, but they will someday!!

This is Collin, Carlee, Kaitlyn and Mark going out for a walk. Later is started to get dark and I had to drive out to look for them. They ended up walking over to the park and were on their way back when I found them.

I love our family times and wish we could do it every weekend!! But then sometimes it's nice to just stay home and have a quiet weekend once in a while. But then I think I need to be over at Kami's since she is the closest to me!! What's wrong with me!! I can't leave them alone!!


Kami said...

That's okay. We loves you and don't mind if you come over!

Newell and Julienne Fam said...

Cute family pictures!

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