Thursday, July 2, 2009


Isn't this little guy so adorable!!

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He had the misfortune of meeting a swather last week. This is just a stock photo of a swather. Anyway, since there has been so much rain here, the grain was very high and so are the river beds where the deer usually have their babies. The swather found 2 of the sweet little things, one was not so lucky and this one had part of his leg cut and it's broken.

As you can see, it's just a newborn and there was no way it could have survived if not taken care of. Some friends have him at their house, so we decided to take the kids over to see the baby. It's not often you can see wildlife up close like this! He is nickname is Pepper.

Feeding time!!

He wasn't scared of the kids at all.

Kami, Collin and Carlee having fun petting the deer.

He really does get around pretty well for having a bum leg. We'll have to go over there and visit it again once in a while!!


Anonymous said...

poor little one!!! so freaking adorable!!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

How adorable. I've never seen a fawn up close like that. It's beautiful. Popping over from SITScation.

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You are all awesome!!

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