Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashly and Justin Stuart's Wedding Reception

I have known Ashly for quite some time now.  Can't really remember when they first moved to our area.  Ashly has always been special to me!  She is always sweet, kind and tender-hearted.  Here are pictures that I took at Ashly and Justin's wedding reception. 

Love the shoes!! 


Here is the cake that I made for Ashly and Justin. 

As a cake decorator, I was totally bummed that this cake had so many problems.  First off, the doweling that I put in it wasn't cut straight, so when I stacked it, it started tipping.  So that led to catching it before it falls, totally messing up the smooth buttercream and smashing the cake on one side.  Then the layers started to shift.  Had to take the whole cake apart, smooth the icing as best I could, re-stacked it and iced it with a large basket weave tip!!  Since I know that it wasn't my best work and not the design I had planned on, I was really disappointed in myself.  I should have known better!!  Everyone reassured me that the cake was beautiful and tasted great!  So I am happy that they liked it!

I was very happy with the Calla lilies that I made.  This is the first time making them in different colors.



Cake faced!!

Opening presents.

I was so happy to see Ashly and meet Justin for the first time!!  He seems like the right choice for Ashly and they will be a very happy couple!!

Love you Ashly and Justin!!!


Kami said...

Your cake looks cute in the pictures. Loved the flowers!!


Rhonda- THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love the pictures, and I loved the cake! I am still amazed on how great it looked!

Heather Bell said...

Rhonda - I USED to have thriving wedding cake business. I say USED to because the day that a car cut me off as I was delivering a 4 tiered cake, slammed on the brakes to SAVE MY LIFE and the cake fell apart was the day that I decided it was too much stress. You must have been panic stricken to see this important cake sliding around. You did a great job of putting it back together - the "problems" don't show at all in the photos. Love the calla lilies.

Rhandi said...

So, I saw your blog via mine on the foodie blogroll and I had to check it out because my mom's name is Rhonda and your fun blog title even sounds just like her. Cute blog and I am impressed with your wedding cake. How did you make the calla lilies? Nicely done.

Valerie said...

You are so talented!! I really admire people who can create such beautiful art with food. All I can do is eat it. :)

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