Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Fun at the Fair

Just have to show you more pics from the fair!!  Kami and the kids came to watch the cake competition but of course we had to do a few other things.

First we ate some yummy fair food.  Well maybe not a big deal, but Kami and I had hamburgers, kids shared a foot long hot dog and Mark bought cajun alligator strips!!  Woowee were they spicy!!!  

After eating we made our way to the petting zoo.  That's our favorite place to take the kids!!

Here's Carlee just wanting to hug that goat.
Mark had fun petting them too!!

Collin really had fun chasing the goats!

Then there was the cake competition.  I thought that maybe everyone would get bored waiting for it to be over, but the kids had a great time!!  Collin would love to enter a cake in the show!  Too bad he still isn't old enough.

After the show, we were off to see the chickens.  For some reason, Carlee is fascinated with them!!  She loves hearing the roosters crow.

 Here Carlee is looking at the bunnies wishing she could hold one!!
Ummm Eric!!  Carlee wants one of these!!!  She just loved the miniature horses.
But...when we went around to the other side where the big horses are...Carlee didn't want anything to do with them!!  That's her usual stance when she gets scared or upset.  Thumb goes in and starts scratching!!

Since we had Mark home for over the weekend, he made us some baked brie!!
 This had a round of brie and some spices inside of some puff pastry.
Then you bake it and it comes out real gooey and yummy!

Tasted like a fancy cheese stick!!
This is what we did with the left over puff pastry!!  Filled with vanilla custard and raspberries.

Since Joe didn't get to be at the fair with us the first day, I had to go back with him again!  Oh that was so hard!!  We also asked Joe's sister, Lenora, to come along with us.  We had a great time!!  We were able to go through all the building that we usually don't get to when we have kids with us.  

We ate dutch oven ribs, potatoes and green beans and then later I bought an egg roll.  Mmmmm-mmmm!

Lenora wanted to go through all the livestock buildings.  I love to look at the animals too!!

 This was a big 'ol boy!!
I think Joe was embarrassed to do this!!  Bwaaaahahahahaha!!!

This turkey was really showing off for us!! I'm wanting turkey dinner!!  Is Thanksgiving coming up soon?

Now I can't wait for next year!!  I love going to our fair!


Shauna said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing :) ♥ HUGS ♥

Blog Stalker said...

I love the fair. Have missed lately...hopefully this october! :-)

And yum yum Pastries.......

Have a great day!

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