Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Caramel Brule Cupcake

I have been wanting to try this combination cupcake for a long time!!  It was really easy and all that ate them, loved them!!  YEA!!!  

Start out with any basic white cake recipe, either from scratch or mix, substituting Coffee-Mate Creme Brule liquid for the liquid in your recipe.

 When your cupcakes are cool,  cut a hole in the middle of the cupcake with a sharp paring knife, cutting at an angle. 
Remove the plug.
I filled the cupcakes with Nestle's La Lechera Dulce de Leche caramel.
Then replace the plug and squish down to even out the top
 I made my icing with half butter and half shortening, some vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and of course powdered sugar.  For the liquid, I used the Creme Brule coffee creamer again, heating it up until very warm, but not boiling.  I don't have exact measurements because I didn't measure!  Sorry!!  I just mix it until it's light and fluffy!! 

I added the icing swirl and drizzled with caramel ice cream topping. 


Edna De la Cruz said...

Yummy!!!!!!!!looks so good!

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! those are so good!! i have made cupcakes like that before with caramel inside... they are SO GOOD!!!!!

faithy, the baker said...

Looks delicious! Wish i could have one now.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the nice comments!!

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