Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For the Non-Twilight Fan

Not the typical Twilight cake, but it wasn't my idea, but I went with it anyway!!  I don't know if my son will be embarrassed that I did this kind of cake for him!  LOL!!!  My daughter and her hubby's cousin decided on the theme of the cake, but I had to put the dragon on there to represent my son.

My daughter Kami and Dee wrote this saying on the cake!  Worked for Mark!! 

This cake kind of fell in the middle, but it's a caramel cake with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant.  I did take a tiny bite of it and it was yummy!! 


SweetThingsTO said...

Awesome - it is so creative. That apple looks so real!

Rhonda said...

Thank you Juanita!!

faithy, the baker said...

Looks amazing Rhonda! Everything looks perfect..esp. love the dragon & the apple! Love it!

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