Tuesday, November 30, 2010

October Catch-up

I'm behind again!!  We'll start with Carlee's birthday...

My baby girl turned a big whopping 5 this year!!  She asked for a scary cake also.  But I knew I couldn't really go evil scary with her, so I came up with a girly skull cake for her.  She loved skeletons this year!!

Of course this grandma had to give her something pink too!

We also gave her a pack of Littlest Pet Shop characters.  Carlee loves animals!

Her she is showing them to her Grandma Jensen and Collin.

 Here's Dee, Collin and Mark playing XBox.  Had a hard time getting them to stop!


Now on to Halloween.  

These pictures are from the school Fall Festival.  It was so cold out, but we had lots of fun. 

Here's Carlee and Kailey getting ready for the activities.

Kami was in charge of the ring toss game.

Carlee and Kailey in front of the maze.

The girls milking their "cows" so that they can get a chocolate milk!

This water trough had bunnies and guinea pigs in it.  Carlee couldn't stay away from them.  I had to catch some of them so that she could pet them.

My handsome gangsta boy Collin!

Carlee and Collin could have had a ride on this cute little burro, but they were too chicken!!!

What a silly!!

Inside the maze.

Carlee made the rat bit her finger every time she walked by it.

Gangsta poses.

I think Collin has this one!!

Whew!  What a day!

Here are the gangsters that were already caught and in jail!!  lol

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