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Mandy and Trent's Wedding

On Friday, May 29, 2009 Mandy and Trent were married for time and all eternity!!

Mandy is the daughter of my best friends, Tina and Larry. They are also my daughter, Kami's in-laws. I have known them for almost 20 years now and they have been Kami's in-laws for almost 11 years.

Mandy and Trent decided to be married in the Draper Utah Temple with a wedding reception following that night. Tina thought it was a good idea to rent a house instead of hotel rooms because we were making a lot of the food for the reception and I have already done a cake for her son in a hotel room with unfavorable conditions!! She thought never again are we going to do that!! It was also probably cheaper for her to rent this house instead of several hotel rooms anyway. We had 15 people staying at the house!! We also had a lot of fun being all together!

Below are some of the pictures of the house that I found on the internet. I should have taken my own, but we were very busy almost the whole time!!

We didn't have snow at the time we were there!!
The foyer/front room

The TV room were Carlee and both grandpa's spent a lot of time watching cartoons

Larry and Tina stayed in this master bedroom
This is the bedroom that Joe and I had

The family room downstairs. Some of the boys slept on the giant beanbags and there was an XBox set up already!!

This is the room that Kami, Eric and the kids stayed in.

Here is the huge kitchen/dining room that we had to play in!! This is where we spent most of the time!

I really loved all the room that this kitchen had!

Here Tina, Cher and Kami are helping make the mini cupcakes. Joe was on trash duty!!

Some of the many mini cupcakes. They were chocolate fudge and lemonade with vanilla buttercream.

The view from the patio deck out back. If we had known there was a BBQ grill, we would have had the guys grill us working girls some food!!

Eric, Collin and Carlee enjoying the hot tub. I only had time to get in it once. Now we all want one!!

Grandma Brewer decided to get in on some relaxation too!

The wedding day was beautiful!! The Temple was only 11 minutes away from the house we were staying in. I was so happy to be at the ceremony!
After the ceremony, we waited outside for the happy couple. It was a little hot outside. Collin was sunburned from going golfing with the guys the day before, so I took him just inside the Temple doors so that he could cool off. I also wanted him to see how beautiful and peaceful it is inside the Temple. We found this large round seating area to rest on for a minute and to watch for Mandy and Trent. Collin was so quiet!!! I don't know if he was really taking it all in or he was exhausted! We then saw Trent's mom come out, so Collin and I went back outside to tell everyone that the newlyweds were coming.

Just outside the Temple doors.


Even the kids had to get in on some cuddling action when they saw Mandy and Trent kissing!! Sometimes they can be so cute!!

I love this picture of Collin with his great-grandma Brewer

Mandy with her parents, Tina and Larry

The whole Jensen gang. Justin, Kami, Eric, Larry, Collin, Mandy, Trent, Tina, Carlee, Del-Leda, Levi and Cher.

After we were finished at the Temple, we headed back to the house for a little bit to do a few things before the luncheon. the luncheon was held at the Madeline in Sandy, UT. We had a choice of three different entrees. I picked steak and Joe had the salmon. We always share!!
Afterwards, we all ran back to the house to get ready for the reception. The boys went to put up the chairs and tables, Tina and some of the others grabbed the food and Kami, the kids, Joe and I stayed at the house so that I could fondant the cake and then go. BUT...someone for got to leave us the address to the park!! we eventually made it there!!
The reception was held at the Draper Historic Park. It wasn't a very large park, but it was beautiful and had a awesome huge gazebo!! It was the perfect place to hold a reception!!

Grandpa Joe helping Carlee with her corsage.

Some of the table decorations that Mandy and Tina put together.

This is the wedding cake that I did. Only the bottom tier was real. It was made with chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mousse filling. It had royal blue ribbon on each tier and the top I made with gumpaste. I did have a little help from Kami and Cher in making the leaves and the filler flowers! Thanks you two!!

First dance as husband and wife!!

The beautiful bride dancing with her daddy!!

At the end, we all sent Mandy and Trent off with a line of sparklers! The kids really enjoyed it and it was fun for all of us!

After the clean up and we were back at the house, we were all so exhausted!!! I really wanted to go to bed but Tina talked me into getting in the hot tub!! I was glad I did but I kept thinking of all the stuff we had to do to get ready to go in the morning! We had to clean up the house and wash all of the bedding and towels before we left for our 4 1/2 hour drive home...and be there ready for the open house at Kami's!! It all worked out good!! A lot of people stopped by to visit the happy couple, ate cake and chatted for quite a while. Mandy and Trent still had to go back to Salt Lake to catch a plan in the morning. They went to Cancun for their honeymoon. When they got on their plan, the airline gave them a free upgrade to first class!! SAAAAWEEEET!!!

We love you Mandy and Trent!!!

This is for my cake friends!! I put a tutorial for making the carnations on the Sugar Teacher's blog. You can view it here.

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