Monday, May 12, 2008

My Grandson, Alec's Birthday

I can't believe my oldest grandson is already 5 years old!!! The kids are growing so fast and Alec and Collin will start school in the fall! I don't know about their parents, but I'm not ready for them to be moving on with the next adventure in their lives!

We had Alec's party at Kami's house (where we always have parties!). Family that was there:

JoMax, Liz and Alec
Kami, Collin and Carlee
Joe and I

We ate, had cake and opened presents. We all took turns playing on Mark's Wii. I think Alec and Collin had the most fun with it! It was hilarious watching them play together on it!

Alec and Collin. What handsome grandsons!!

Alec looking at his new clothes.

He loved the Squid toy that we bought him!

Alec requested a squid cake. This what I came up with.
Orange Supreme Cake with buttercream.


The Jensen's! said...

What a little knucklehead he is. I could not believe how tall he got! Thanks for working so hard on his cake. Both of the boys loved it! Oh and Carlee too ofcourse. By the way don't remind me of them heading off to school! I do NOT want that day to come!!!!

Jacque said...

The pic of Alec in front of his cake is priceless!!

Love that cake, BTW Love the way you made the water on the top.
Very cool!

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