Friday, May 23, 2008

Trying Out New Camera

I've been wanting a new camera for quite some time not. Kami came home last night with a Nikon Coolpix s550. I've spent most of the day playing with it!!! hehehe

It's really easy to use and I would have to play with it even more to get better pictures, but I think these are very good compared to my camera! It also takes video with sound and can zoom in and out while you do it!!! Most compact cameras can't do that!!!


The Jensen's! said...

looks like Collin was too distracted with spongebob in the background to focus on what he was saying!

Shelle said...

You are my idol!!! I wish I could make cakes...yours are beautiful! and those stuffed peppers look delicious!

I blog surfed over from LDSBLOGS! Thought I would say HI since I have had fun looking around your blog!

Shelle @

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You are all awesome!!

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