Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Yeppers!! We have a lot of fun on Halloween!!

This is Kami, Collin and I. We were missing one witch, but she was really sick!
We missed you Tina!!!

I think I'll use this picture for my profile pic on MySpace next year!!
I'm going to eat you!!

We were trying to look scary, but....

Kami and I had matching stockings.

Little Miss Dorothy (Carlee) had just woke up from a nap and wasn't being very cooperative.

At the high school Trunk or Treat.

Oh...she looks a little happier!!

There ya go! Just give me candy and I'm a happy girl!!

Out trick or treating at the houses. Kami's witch hat was in the way!!

Now on to Grandma Brewer's!!!

Grandma Brewer makes THE best homemade suckers!! Collin's daddy (Eric) took most fo them!!

Um...I'll take these!!

Yum! Sprinkles!

Tauna with Carlee.

Carlee was chasing Grandma Brewer's dog all around the house.

That's our pretty girl!!

Kaitlynn and Collin showing off their suckers.

The kids sure had a fun night.

Time to go home!


Tina said...

I sure miss being with you guys. Being sick sucks. It looks like you had a get time.

Dolly said...

Adorable Halloween Pictures! Thanks for sharing the moments :) Dorothy was just precious-♥

Dana Williams said...

Looks awesome. Loved your costumes.

Kami said...

That's funny that we both used the same pic at the beginning of our blogs!

Julie said...

Love the costumes, Rhonda! The matching stockings--what a GREAT touch! Looks like it was a blast!

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