Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Hope everyone had a very

As you can see, I'm late getting my Thanksgiving blog up. It seems like all I've been doing is running lately and today I feel like a zombie!!

This will be mostly pictures of course. I forgot to take pictures of all the food!! I was only asked to bring my green beans and I threw in a banana cream pie.

This is Carlee, Kaitlyn, Collin and Peyton

Carlee was enjoying her food!!

Kaitlyn didn't mind getting stuck at the kids table!!

Wow! Collin ate most of his food!!!

It was great to have Peyton there with us!! He was taken away from his daddy about a year ago and was returned just before Thanksgiving!! We are all so grateful!!

The gang gathering around for the food!!

My daughter Kami and her hubby Eric. Thank you both for letting us use your house all of the time!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

The pie table!!! YUM!!

On Tuesday, the 25th, I was asked if I could make some sugar cookie for an order!!! Ummm...only if you don't want fancy ones!! The glaze takes two days to dry!! I was gone all day Wednesday and Thursday and the order was for Friday morning. Whew!! The lady that ordered them was fine with just plain ones. She loves our sugar cookies and just wanted them for her grand kids that would be visiting. I really didn't have time to do these, but I baked them Tuesday night, iced them Wednesday night, and stamped them Friday morning. I hope they liked them because they weren't my best!!!

Now on to the Christmas holiday cooking!!!!


Kami said...

Hee hee! I blogjacked your pie pic. I forgot to take any pics of anything but the kids!


CUUUUTE pictures and all of that food looks delicious!!!!!!

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You are all awesome!!

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