Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kami's Birthday!!


Yesterday was my daughter Kami's birthday!! She had to work all day so the kids, Eric, Tina and I put together a little something for her.

Eric asked the kids to mad a big birthday sign for their mom. Of course I helped a little!!

Carlee didn't really want anything to do with it but she laid on the counter watching Collin decorate the sign.

Collin was very pleased with his artwork on the sign!

Grandma Brewer, Tina, Larry, and Joe came along to join us. For our meal we had oven fried chicken, cracked potatoes, stir fried zucchini, potato salad (grandma Brewers) and a pasta salad (Tina). Then onto the cake!

Kami requested an ice cream cake. I made it with chocolate butter cake, chocolate mint ice cream, hot fudge, cool whip (needed real whipped cream!) and chocolate flowers and butterflies. I used the chocolate shell stuff for the dots and swirls.

The kids enjoyed it!!

After we ate cake, Eric set up Kami's birthday present! He bought the Wii Fit for her!! Oh my gosh!! We just had time to put in our settings. It weighed us all less then hat we really were (or maybe our own scales are wrong!) I think I like that but I know it's not true!! It was a lot of fun and now I "have" to go to Kami's and work out everyday! Yeah right!

Anyway...I hope you enjoyed your birthday Kami!!!



Hayley said...

That looks delicious! Who doesn't love an ice cream cake?

Newell and Julienne Fam said...

The cake does look delish! Looks like you planned a fun dinner and night too!

Jacque Benson said...

What a beautiful cake Rhonda. It looks deeeeelish too!

I have tagged you for a Meme on my blog! :-)

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