Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday Blog 2009

Whoo Boy! Am I getting old!! At least I don't feel that way!! Well....sometimes I do. ha ha

Birthdays for myself aren't a big deal. I LOVE doing everyone else's, but I don't think I need a big deal made over my birthday. I do wish someones hubby would do a little something once in a while though!! If ya know what I mean!!

Early last week I received a birthday card from my Mom with a little extra sumthin', sumthin' in it. THANKS MOM!!!! Then during the week of my birthday, I received in the mail some really sweet things from my blogger friend, Shauna. She is so awesome to remember every one's birthdays on her blog and makes us all feel special and uplifted.

This is what Shauna sent me!! Cool huh?!!!

I ended up being gone all day Saturday (which was my actual birthday). Joe and I spent the day working on our business and going to a fantastic seminar. It was so worth going to!! I did do a little shopping and bought a new outfit that I could wear to church and meeting.

On Sunday, my daughter Kami did some birthday things for me!! She is such a sweetie!!

Here is Kami slaving for me! I bet she was beat by the time we all left her house!

We caught Carlee playing with the humidifier! Kami or Eric put those foam earplugs under the top part of the humidifier so it would make so much noise and the little stinker was touching them and then licking her fingers!!! She was told by her mommy to not touch it!!

This is Carlee's "UH UH" face, which means as soon as your back is turned she is going to do it anyway!!

Sometimes little angels have a devilish side!!

Here's the dinner that Kami and Tina made for me!! Lasagna, salad and Tina's homemade bread!

LOOK!!! There's some veggies on Collin's plate!!!

Eric was teasing Carlee and Larry was enjoying it.

And yes was eat very informal!! We use a special plate only for pictures!!

Tina and Grandma Brewer

Kami made these yummy lemon and blueberry tarts.

And vanilla ice cream on a bed of cookies with chocolate drizzled all over it!!

Kami also gave me these two cake pans!! I'll be trying these out soon!!!

I also received phone calls from My Mom, and my 3 sons, JoMax, Mark and Ryan!!

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Shauna said...

So glad you had a Happy Birthday! You deserve it :) ♥ Hugs!

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