Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Little Squirts

This last Saturday, Joe, Kami and her kids and I went to Pocatello to check out a bridal show, visit the boys (JoMax and Mark) and have JoMax and Liz's mushroom burgers. I should have taken pics of the burgers!! YUM!!

Carlee, Alec and Collin. Cute little squirts, aren't they!!
Instead of giving me some good pictures, they wanted to make faces!

I'm gonna knock you out!

Just being cute!!

Collin getting one of JoMax's tickle attacks.

Oh oh! Alec is getting a double tickle!

This is Mark!

Ummmm....yeah! What can I say!!! He won't get a makeover...even if I pay for it!! I think he's been that way for so long that he's just too chicken to change!!


Kami said...

What dorks, hee hee!!

Dana Williams said...

So good to see some pics of those boys. Haven't seen them since Alec was a wee tot.

JILLY said...

They all look so cute together. HUG HUG HUG

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