Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Kami!!!

Ah...Kami's birthday!! My little girl turn one of her milestone birthdays (I won't mention which one!). I had the kids at my house that day and Collin was so excited that it was his mom's birthday!!

When he first arrived at my house, he saw the present that was for his mom. We purposely didn't wrap it so that he could see it. For quite some time now, Collin has been saying he wanted to get this particular present for his mom. We let him help us wrap it, which wasn't an east task!!

When I was making Kami's birthday cake, of course Collin and Carlee were right inn the middle of it!! It's getting harder to make cakes and goodies when they are here!!! I wanted to do a cake similar to this one...

...but because of time, it ended up with this!!!

I was kind of discouraged because I wanted Kami's cake to be beautiful and awesome like she is!!

When we first got to Kami's house, we made Mexican food! We can eat Mexican food until it comes out our ears!!

Then she finally opened her present from Tina and Larry, Eric and Joe and I. She has mentioned a few times that she would like this also. We have lots of fun doing the DDR game for the XBox 360 and now we have...da dada da!! ROCKBAND!!!!

I hope Kami had a good birthday anyway! She is so caring and loving and always makes sure everyone else has a great birthday.

Kami...we love you so much!!!!

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