Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Budding Little Chef!

My grandson Collin (age 4) has a real interest in cooking. When he comes to my house, he always asks if I'm making a cake or cookies that day. I'm so proud of some of the creations that he's made! I really should take the time to teach him more about decorating with icing. Of course when we have cake or cookies, icing is the only part he eat! He would live on it if we let him.

His Mom (my daughter, Kami) lets him help a lot at their home also. (see Kami's blog: )
We just need to get him to make good food too!!! He only wants to eat junk!

Below are some pictures of some of his creations!!!

Collin's first frosted cake. Oh my heck! Can you imagine eating that many sprinkles?!!!!

Collin's first doll cake!!!

Making cookie dough.

Putting on a cookie glaze.

Learning to make stars.

Not too bad for his first time!

More cupcakes.

WOW!!! Great job!!!

Collin's two cents worth on the gingerbread house.

Collin's Valentine cookies. He did everything himself!

Ha Ha!! I can do it!!!


The Jensen's! said...

He made banana bread and mac and cheese at home. Those aren't necessarily "healthy" but a little better than cookies and cake! I need to actually cook again so he can help make something else.

Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

You are such a darling granny, I bet he loves you to bits.... creating a man that can cook. That's a wonderful investment.

Mandy Lin said...

I love the apron and the fact that he is baking with you!!! Those sweet children are blessed to have you guys in their lives!!

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