Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Movie Day

We started out the day to go and see:

We couldn't wait to take the kids to see it!! Or at least I couldn't wait!! hehe

On the drive over, we put "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". Carlee wasn't interested, Collin and Kami fell asleep, so we'll have to do that one again soon. Of course I couldn't see it since I was driving.

I really loved the movie, but the best part for me was watching Collin and Carlee react to the movie!! Collin did a lot of laughing and would sometimes say "that's crazy" and Carlee enjoyed the whole movie! When something good happened, she would raise both arms over her head and shout "Hurray" or "Woo Hoo". When there is a sad part she will crawl in your lap to get a snuggle because it makes her sad too! At the end of the movie, all the kids in the theater were clapping. Carlee started clapping and cheering along with them. She is so cute!!!

Afterwords, Carlee had fun with Grandpa C. looking at all of the movie posters.

We then ate at Garcia's and did some shopping. I picked up the "Bee Movie" for the kids to watch on the way home. We had too much of a day!!! Kami was feeling kind of sick and the kids both felt like they had fevers by the time we got home. Oh great!!!

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The Jensen's! said...

At least now we know why they were sick...poor kids!

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