Monday, March 3, 2008

Sushi Night!

We just had a very fun weekend! My son, Mark, came home for the weekend. Kami thought it would be fun to have sushi, since she has never had it before and her brother loves it!
We bought the sushi already prepared. We haven't tried to do it on our own yet but Mark bought Kami a sushi set that came with everything you need to know about making it.

We had salmon and eel sushi and california rolls. They were okay. I've had better. Kami made Orange Chicken and I made some stir fry veggies. We served it with rice and/or soba noodles and I also made a salad with dark green lettuces, shredded daikon radish and scallops. Afterwards, Kami made Apple Fritters and Bow Ties! Everything was yummy!!!

We all tried to use chopsticks, which Joe and I didn't last long! Joe had to hurry to work so he had to eat faster and couldn't do it with the chopsticks.

Mark brought his Wii home also and we had a blast playing it! We played all of the sports games and DDR. I decided that I liked the XBox 360 DDR game better but the sports games were really fun on the Wii. Now I might have to get one of those!! To see Collin beat his dad at bowling, see Kami's blog at:

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