Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's About Time!! Christmas Eve 2008

I'm finally blogging Christmas!!!

Although this is just Christmas Eve!

We always do the holidays with my daughter and Eric's side of the family. On Thanksgiving day, we all drew names for Christmas gifts. They included us this time!! Yea!! We always have a lot of fun!! We start out by eating a huge meal, open gifts and then play games.

The gift opening started with Carlee. She was so cute with this puppy that she received from Dee.

Just look at that cute face!!!

This is Kaitlyn opening up her gift from Kami. She got monkey pj's and a stuffed monkey and something else that I already forgot what it was!!

Kami opening up her gift from ? It's scrapbook stuff!!!

Tina with her gift from ? I know...I have a bad memory!! She got lots of bath stuff!

Collin opening up his gift from Uncle Kevin. "What?!!! Just paper?!!"

"Oh...the paper goes with this!!" Fun!!!

Grandma Brewer with her gift of shelves that hold paper.

Joe opening up his gift of books from Mandy! Books are always good for Joe!!

Eric's little bro Justin opening Eric's gift.

Grandma Steward joined us this year!! We were all happy to have her with us!!

Eric with his gift from Justin. He got a hunting license.

Fuzzy Mark opening his gift from Kami. Some of his favorite candy and a gift card.

That's all for now!! I'll try and blog Christmas day later or tomorrow!!

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