Sunday, June 15, 2008

Levi and Cher's Wedding!

Cute wedding announcement!

The Bridal Shower

Kami and Kaitlyn at the bridal shower.

Very clever gift giving idea!!

Cher opening the Cricut that we all went in on together. Cher loved it!!

The beautiful quilt that Cher's mom made!

The Day of the Wedding

Working on the wedding cake after the luncheon.

Kami helping out!

Collin was the most handsomest ring bearer ever!!!

Collin was scuffing his shoes out in the parking lot before the ceremony! heehee

The groom to ring bearer before wedding ceremony talk!

Eric was on a picture taking craze!

What's that you're drinking, Larry?!!!!

Justin, Matt and Thad

Violin music being played the wedding party came in.

Oh I can't help it!! He is just too cute!!

The Reception

Me and Kami.

The cute couple!!

I think she liked my cake!!

Vanilla Cake. Forgot to take a picture before it was cut.

The carrot cake I made.

Cher made these cute and yummy cookies. Don't know where she found time to do them!

Love this idea!! Pictures were put on an old door. Made by Cher's mom! Love it!!!

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