Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday JoMax and Ryan!

My oldest son JoMax and my youngest son Ryan have their birthdays only two days apart. JoMax was yesterday and Ryan's is tomorrow. Everyone gets tired of eating cake and I can't mail Ryan a cake because he lives on the east coast. Soooooooo....they get cookies!! I also gave them some Valentine cookies.

Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Love ya lots!!


Shauna said...


Kami said...

Toooooo cute. Loved 'em!

Hayley said...

so adorable! Posts like this remind me that I need to start building up my cookie cutter collection!

Rhonda said...

Thanks guys!! Kami and I love collecting cookie cutters!!

Dana Williams said...

Happy Birthday to our beloved JoMax! Awesome cookies. You are too good, Rhonda.

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You are all awesome!!

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