Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Wants Ice Cream?!!

This last Saturday was our shopping day in Idaho Falls. Kami, Collin, Carlee and I went to Sub Zero. I didn't even know it existed until I did the bridal shows last month. Sub Zero was one of the vendors there. When I saw how they make the ice cream, I knew I had to take the kids there and let them see the ice cream made right in front of them.

Here's How It Works?
Step 1: Choose Premium, Custard, Lowfat or Yogurt
Step 2: Choose your flavor
Step 3: Choose the texture

There secret is ~
Cryogenics The science of ultra cold where they use direct contact freezing. The process takes a matter of seconds. This is the best and fastest ice cream you will ever see or taste.

The kids loved putting their little hands in the frost as it came spilling out of the bowl. Wish I had a picture of them doing that!!

Kami and the kids all had chocolate with Oreo cookies added in. Kami of course had dark chocolate! (She takes after me!) For me...there were too many flavors and combinations to choose from so I wanted to try the mixed berries. I was so good!

I couldn't believe that the kids ate all of it! They never finish anything it seems like!!

YEAH!!! Bring it on!!!!!

Carlee sat there just eating!

I ate the whoooooole thing!!

We definitely will be going back for more!!

(Kami already posted this to her food blog and to our family blog. Apologies to my family that has already seen this!)

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Hayley said...

What a fun concept for an ice cream parlor!

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You are all awesome!!

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