Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Shower and Pink Cupcakes

My Daughter Kami and her mother-in-law, Tina (my friend) gave a baby shower for a friend (Julie) that is in their ward. Kami and Julie are also Activity Day leaders together and they have a lot of fun!

Kami and Tina came up with the idea to have a Spa Baby shower! Julie is also having a girl so everything was pink!

There were games to play. Then we ate a visited. Then Tina put on a relaxation video that lasted for about 10 minutes, probably the most peaceful 10 minutes any of them have had in a while!! Then Kami had all the guests make their own relaxing bath salts to take home. I sure everyone had a great time!! Everyone was happy!

This is Julie playing one of the games. I wish I would have taken pictures of them all relaxing and making their bath salts!! Darn!!

I of course had to make something! I made Pink Lemonade cupcakes. They were really good.

I made this cupcake stand that morning. You can find out how to make the on CakeJournal.

Oh and poor Carlee!!! I forgot and made the cupcakes with real eggs so she couldn't have any!!! I knew she would have a fit if she couldn't have one, so Joe thought maybe I should take the pink marshmallows that we had at home. In someways, I thought that it wouldn't work. Carlee would know that she wasn't getting a cupcake!!! Well when she started crying for one, I quickly put a marshmallow in a cupcake wrapper and put icing on it. It worked!! She ate two of them and then she was fine!! Didn't even want any cupcakes later!! Wheeeeww!!!

Collin surprised me by eating the whole cupcake!!
He usually only licks the icing off, but he ate it all!!

Here just a picture of all the food Kami and Tina served!! There was chicken salad in cream puff pastry and lots of veggies and fruit. Tina also made a real yummy dessert and I forgot to take a picture of that too!! You can check out Kami's post on her blog also!! She has some fun ideas on there!

Thanks for lookin'!!!

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