Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Cookies

There were Valentine cookies everywhere! Now there are not any in site! They went fast! I do have some unfinished ones left and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get to them!!

So I thought I would give a few tips on how I do my cookies. recipes!

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or find some great ones on Cake Central. Cut and bake as usual.

Thought I would show you the rolling pin I use. It works best for me since RA has left me with hands that don't work properly.

As soon as your cookies come out of the oven, use something that will flatten your cookies out. I find that my fondant smoother works best.

When your cookies are cool, outline the cookie with an icing of your choice. I use a glaze and then use royal icing for the details. I also flavor my royal icing using the same flavorings that I used in the glaze.

Quickly pour thinned our glaze onto the cookie before the outline has a chance to dry. It gives it a nicer appearance. If you are outlining with a different color, let it dry for a few hours before you filling it in. That way you will prevent the two colors from bleeding.

Decorate as desired!

This is what my table looks like while I wait for the glaze to set up. It sometimes takes two days to do the various steps! These are not "quick" cookies!!

Valentine cookies 2009


Shauna said...

Those are SUPER CUTE~! They look really YUMMY too! Hope you have a very Happy Valentines Day! ♥ Hugs :)

Jacque Benson said...

These are beautiful Rhonda!!

Dustin and Briannie Summers Family said...

LOVE your cookies!! So cute and very professional looking!

dai said...

You did a great job on your cookies! Very pretty!

Bridget said...

Great idea for smoothing the tops!

Hayley said...

These are so beautiful! And yummy, I bet!

Rhonda said...

You all are so wonderful to leave such nice comments!! Thank you!!

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You are all awesome!!

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