Monday, February 2, 2009

My Third Reaper!!

My Grimmy's are becoming popular!!

This cake was done for a friend that lives in Mackay. Her daughter wanted to give her a surprise party and asked if I could do a Grim Reaper for her Mom.

Reapers just may become my signature cake specialty!! So if you need an "Over the Hill", "older than Dirt" or one that just lets them know they have a foot in the grave, you know who to call!!!


Jacque Benson said...

Your "Grimmy" Cakes are amazing Rhonda!! Love this. I know that
your friend's mom was completely awed by this!! :-)

Hayley said...

This cake is great! What is Grimmy made out of?

Rhonda said...

Thanks Jacque and Hayley!!

Hayley...I will have a tutorial on in the near future.

Dustin and Briannie Summers Family said...

I love this cake. You are so talented!

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You are all awesome!!

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